Hauglandshella Funeral Home takes care of all practical arrangements regarding the return of foreign citizens who die in Vest County and the greater Bergen area with its surrounding municipalities. Besides repatriation, we also assist in receiving Norwegian citizens who died abroad. We need the original passport of the deceased, the name and contact information of the recipient of the casket in the home country.

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Exportation of Remains in a coffin

A zinc-lined coffin is required when remains are expatriated to a country outside the Nordic region. Embalming of remains is uncommon in Norway, and is only done in rare cases, for example if required by the receiving state if the remains are to be expatriated. If needed and it is required by the receiving state, we arrange for embalming.

Exportation of Ashes in an urn

If the exportation of the Ashes takes place by plane, a cremation certificate stating that the urn contains only the ashes is usually required by the airport authority. We arrange for this certificate as well as other needed documents.